I read both. As Kevin Kelly says, we live in a world of hybrid technology, were ancient technologies are still available and used. I find that paper books are very good for moe things, digital ones for others. I actually buy only second-hand paper books (I just love the idea of the systematic serendipity of combing through stacks in old bookshops and little markets), and they are mostly nonfiction, Italian and kinda old. It’s my slow pace reading, my deep thinking and relaxing. It’s for my understanding the world. Instead, English contemporary nonfiction I read on my Kindle: it’s faster, it’s for understanding our current world (understanding today), and I clip a lot, and publish my clippings as a repository of linkable quotes. It’s my arsenal of weapons for online discussions :-). I see an enormous potential in public/social reading, (we could gain what Kant calledthe public exercise of reason”). Of course, we need to do it right (for example, integrating it with Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikisource, Wikiquote).

All the rest (emagazines, Medium, blogs, social networks), I read on my laptop. I do not own a smartphone (never have).

Digital librarian, former president of Wikimedia Italia. I work with books and metadata.

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